Madelines Pet Care

We have been providing quality grooming services since 1961. Pets are members of your family and we can help

 keep them clean, healthy and happy with regular grooming.

Hours By Appointment

Sunday & Mondays - CLOSED
Tuesday & Wednesday/Saturday - 8:00am to completion of pets
Thursday & Friday - 8:00am to completion of pets

*We close when he last pet is finished. Your pickup time will allow pickup before closing. If your work schedule presents a problem please let us know at least 24hrs. in advance so we can accommodate your schedule.

Most days expect a 4-5 hour window of time to have your pet groomed. Saturdays are always very busy and may take longer.

Pets that come in on a regular basis enjoy grooming. We recommend
4-6 week appointments depending on the length of the pet's coat.

We have a large staff to insure the safety of each pet. "Patience" is the
biggest safety method. We also use teamwork helping each other to work on or hold wiggly or difficult pets. Every staff member is hired specifically for their love and concern for the dogs and cats.